Coaching Benefits


From personal experience, I appreciate the amazing value of coaching. During  childhood many of us begin (or are made) to feel different.  By the time we are aware of our sexuality, we may have already encountered homophobia, which impacts our self-esteem and sense of self. 


This can cause us to acquire limiting beliefs that impact our confidence, to the point that we feel we aren’t capable of achieving what we want out of life.  This certainly impacted me!  Due to lack of self belief, I continued in a career for years that no longer fulfilled me.  Coaching helped me to be clear about my values, how they could best be supported and to believe that I could get the life I wanted. 


This is where coaching comes in, enabling you to work in a safe environment to decide what you want to achieve.  I will work with you to positively challenge the self-beliefs that hold you back so, as their power decreases, your confidence and motivation increase.


Discover What You Want 

Caught up in day to day life, we often neglect what we want and end up with more of what we don't want.

I will help you to discover the values that drive you; the starting point to discovering what you want from life and the beliefs that are stopping you.

Focus On Your Big Aspirations

Life coaching can be truly life changing, giving you space to identify what you want from life and plan so you can achieve it.   

Save Time: Get Results Faster

Time is our scarcest resource.  I will help you achieve faster results through discovery of new thinking approaches, overcoming barriers and maintaining motivation.   

Achieve Your Goals More Easily

We often feel overwhelmed when thinking how to achieve our goals. 

I will help simplify complex thoughts, ideas, and plans into bite-sized parts. These will then be the goals you work on between sessions, edging you ever closer to the achievement of your end goal.

Increased Self Confidence

Limiting beliefs stifle creative thought. 

I will challenge these and  encourage you to go beyond your limits.  You’ll be able to jettison your limiting beliefs so you can achieve what you previously thought impossible, increasing confidence and quality of life.

Objective Support

Small behavioural changes can make a big difference. My objective feedback enables you to reap significant benefits. People close to us find it difficult to give open feedback.  I'll always be open about what I observe. 

Know Yourself Better

I will feedback to you on patterns and behaviours I notice, giving you insights into aspects you may be unaware of.  These can get in the way of achieving your goals – knowing about them helps you address and avoid repeating them.

Banish Procrastination - Do It!

We all put things off.  Fear of failure, lack of confidence and self belief are just some of the reasons for this. By working through these, you’ll increase your self confidence, so you can channel your energies into achieving your goal, rather than continuing to put it off.