Why Me

What Clients Say 

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I am always conscious there are other coaches out there.  That’s why I always appreciate client feedback, as they are better placed than anyone to say what it’s like to work with me and enable me to hone my skills as a coach!

Over the last 10 years, I have coached a broad range of people including academics, teachers, students, graduate trainees, film directors, business leaders and civil servants.

Here’s an overview of what my clients think of me.  For more insights, have a look at Client Testimonials:


I will take an action-based approach so you can establish stretching but doable actions to get quickly to where you want to be.  I like to take a situation and look at it from everyone's angle, working with you methodically to produce really impactful outcomes.

Friendly and Encouraging

I have a friendly, encouraging style that enables me to build rapport and trust with you as quickly as possible so that you feel relaxed and open with me.

Reflective and Responsive

I will keep you focused on your goals so that you continue to move towards achieving them.

Active Listener

I will actively listen, so you know I am completely focused on you throughout our sessions and want them to be as productive and rewarding as they can be.



I will provide you with unconditional support to encourage you to believe in yourself so you can see your true potential.  This will also enable you to feel confident that you will achieve the actions you commit to at each session and increase your self confidence.


I will keep you focused on your goals so that you continue to move towards achieving them.


Recognising that everyone is different, I will challenge you to the extent that you are comfortable, including any limiting beliefs that are holding you back.


You'll have the opportunity to reflect on what you have learnt so that you develop personally while working on your goals.


I am a firm believer that sessions should be enjoyable and fun, wherever possible.  So I like to use humour and look at the lighter side of life whenever it's ok with you.


What can you expect from me?


At the first coaching session we look at what you want to achieve, based on the values that drive your life aspirations.  Sometimes it’s hard to articulate these, so we spend some time with tools that enable you to know what you want to achieve overall and what it will look like when you have achieved it. 

During each susequent session, we identify a goal which you’ll work on moving you a step closer to achieving your overall goal. This enables you to work on manageable, bite sized chunks so that your overall end goal doesn’t feel so daunting.  We also, at the beginning of each session, review your progress on the goal you have been working on since the previous session.

After an agreed number of sessions we review your progress towards the overall goal.  Clients find this really useful to measure how far they have come, what they have learnt and whether they need to redefine their overall goal.