What You Can Expect


If you're not familiar with coaching, this section sets out an overall structure of a session. Please note that all sessions differ in content and, if  best for you, may not strictly follow this order.  

Our first session focuses on deciding on what you want to achieve. This is based on your values which drive what you want from your life.  We then frame this as the End Goal you'll work towards during your sessions with me. 

Rest assured that the sessions will be treated in the utmost confidence and will focus on your needs throughout.

Progress Review

Each session begins with a review the actions you committed to taking towards the previous session's goal.


We work to identify a goal which will take you a step closer to achieving your End Goal. This enables you to work on manageable, bite sized chunks so that your End Goal is more achievable and less daunting.  

Where You Are Now







Here we look at what you have done so far towards achieving your goal and any personal strengths that might help you when working on it. We also identify any future barriers and any you've already encountered and the resources and help you may need.


We then look at possible actions that you may want to consider for actioning your goal including addressing any barriers.


This is where you commit to actions between the current session and the next with time frames to help you focus on achieving the goal you put together during the session.


Finally you have the opportunity to reflect on what you have learnt during the session.  This is useful for developing self awareness and learning that may be applied in future sessions.