Coaching And Me


From personal experience, I appreciate the true value of coaching. During childhood many of us begin (or are made) to feel different.  By the time we are aware of our sexuality, many have already encountered homophobia which impacts our self-esteem and sense of self. 

This often causes us to acquire limiting beliefs that impact our confidence, to the point that we feel we aren’t capable of achieving what we want out of life.  This certainly impacted me!  Due to lack of self belief, I continued in a career for years that no longer fulfilled me. 

This is where coaching comes in, enabling you to work in a safe environment with another gay man to decide what you want to achieve.

I will work with you to positively challenge the self-beliefs that hold you back, so that their power decreases at the same time that your confidence and motivation increases, so you can focus on getting the best from life.


I still have a coach, working with him on how to be best coach I can be and continue to get the best from life.  I am about work with him on overcoming my fear of heights by jumping out of an aeroplane!

Coaching has helped me be clear about my values, how they could best be supported and believe that I could get the life I wanted.  This has allowed me to quit a career I no longer enjoyed, qualify as a coach and run the Brighton Marathon within a period of 2 years!

Without coaching I’m sure I’d still be getting the 7.11 to train to the office Monday to Friday with that sinking Sunday evening feeling at the thought of the week ahead.

So, if you’d like help to get what you want from life, contact me for a free introductory session to find out how coaching could help you.